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Emmy Sammon

Screening/Mineral Analysis | Vitality Screening

Appointments available on request.

To book an appointment please call 07816 890179 or email

or visit the website at

Emmy offers Vitality Screening, a unique holistic screening system that provides an insight into your overall health and how your body deals with your current lifestyle.


This comprehensive screening dives beneath the surface to:

  • uncover the root cause of any issues or imbalances you may be experiencing

  • help sports people and athletes achieve their optimal potential 

In addition, the screen includes biomarkers of ageing. Through testing these I can help you to understand your biological age (your age measured by the state of your health). Which can be slowed down and even reversed. 


During your consultation you’ll receive personalised recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and purposeful supplementation. 


In addition, Emmy offers Hair Mineral Analysis, a method that assesses your body's mineral levels and potential toxins through a simple hair sample. This holistic analysis can reveal hidden deficiencies before they escalate into major problems, offering valuable information for straightforward dietary adjustments or supplement plans to enhance your overall well-being.


Emmy’s ultimate aim is to empower you with the knowledge of what’s happening inside your body, helping you unlock your full potential, achieve optimal health, and embark on a journey towards a vibrant and energised life.

For more information visit my website

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