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At Align, we are passionate about creating a professional, supportive and happy work environment. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive healthcare in a centre of excellence. In recognition of this, Align was awarded the Wellbeing Center Of The Year '23 & '24.


We believe that feeling supported and valued in your workplace not only helps your own productivity but also allows you to deliver your therapy modality to the highest standard. 

Our multidisciplinary clinic comprises of a reception area, a staff kitchenette, toilet, and 5 therapy rooms - all decorated and maintained to a high standard. We pride ourselves on creating a calm, comfortable and welcoming space. 


Two of our rooms are designed to be used for manual therapy - these rooms are the home to osteopathy and our rehabilitation studio. On the other side of the building we have 2 rooms designed to be warm, inviting and comfortable spaces for talking therapies - these are suitable for both groups and also 1-1, and finally our last room is home to our private vaccination suite.


WIFI is available throughout the centre for staff access.

Therapists will have their information/website link displayed on our website, alongside any offers you may have. Our reception area offers space for your clinical leaflets and information for clients to browse through whilst they wait. And for those with larger/longer contracts, your logo can also be displayed on our clinic signage if required.

If you'd like more information, please contact us at 

Align Healthcare, Horsforth, Leeds

Align Healthcare

Located in the heart of Horsforth on Town Street, our beautiful traditional Yorkshire-stone brick clinic always catches the eye of passers by. 

The external signage offers the option of adding your own branding depending on the length of your contract. 

Align Healthcare Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Our waiting area offers a calm and peaceful space to decompress and relax. Our Neom scented diffuser and gentle music is sure to welcome your clients in the most positive way. 

Security is extremely important to us, so we have included pin-pad access. This is changed regularly and therefore limits who can enter the clinic. 

Talking Therapy

This is one of our 1-1 talking therapy rooms at Align Healthcare. All of our rooms are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. 

Our aim is to provide space that is comfortable for clients but also somewhere to be proud to base your therapy from. 

Counselling room at Align Healthcare

Group Talking
Therapy Room

Our largest space at Align Healthcare offers a space for group talking therapy if required. Even though it is a larger space, we have kept the furniture and decoration in keeping with the smaller rooms to keep the "cosy" feel throughout. 

Rooms are inspected regularly for wear and tear and will always be a priority to maintain standards. 

Align Healthcare Large Counselling Room

Manual Therapy Room

We want patients and clients to feel relaxed. Our manual therapy room is functional with all medical equipment necessary whilst maintaining the calm and relaxing environment. 

Home to Align With Caroline!


Fitness Studio

At Align we want all parts of health to have a home, including physical fitness. 

The studio is a peaceful environment focusing on strength and conditioning for 1-1 sessions with our in-house fitness and health coach, Shannon Brookes / Balance Fitness.

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