Shannon Brookes

Health & Fitness Coach

Shannon will be taking on new clients at Align's studio from September 2021

Shannon is a Health and Fitness Coach with 10 years experience working with individuals of all ages and fitness abilities. 


After working as a freelance personal trainer with her business, Fab Girl Fitness, for the last 9 years, Shannon will be opening up Balance Fitness, an exclusive personal training studio in Align Healthcare.


'Helping others feel healthy, strong and confident is my passion. As a working mum myself, I know how challenging it can be to prioritise time for ourselves. I love working with others to help them find ways to fit in their workouts each week, achieve results and have fun while doing it!


Achieving a healthy balance of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle is very important to me and I know this looks different for everyone. I offer practical advice with ongoing support to best help you achieve a balanced lifestyle that works for you.'


Shannon also teaches live online classes for women. All of her classes have been designed with busy women and mums in mind. Whether you’re new to exercise or want to try something new there will be something for everyone. Each class has modifications and progressions with guided technique throughout to ensure everyone feels challenged without compromising form or technique.


For more information on training with Shannon or to find out more about her online classes please email her at: