Sarah Anteney

TA Psychotherapy & Counselling
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Sessions: £55 for 50 minutes

Are you looking for support with your mental health? Has an event or experience left its mark on you in a way you are struggling to make sense of or deal with? Do you have unresolved issues from your past that are impacting your functioning or wellbeing today? Are you finding a particular relationship or relationships in general, really challenging? Do you find you are emotionally overwhelmed or feel on the edge a lot of the time? Maybe you are feeling ‘just not right’ in yourself? Whatever brings you to look at this page, welcome!

I believe that paying attention to our emotional and psychological health is as important as our physical health, if we are to be a well being. Sometimes we need to seek support from a professional.  I offer you a private, confidential space to explore whatever is causing you psychological or emotional distress. I know from experience as both a therapist and client, the healing and transforming potential of being listened to, accepted, believed and truly understood.

My core training as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, is in Transactional Analysis (TA) I am able to offer you some TA theory and ways to think about how you have developed your life story, including your inner-self and your ways of relating to others, if this interests you. I will support you to make your own sense of your experiences. We can explore your behaviours, thinking styles, feelings and communication patterns. Through such exploration together, you are likely to develop your awareness and come to new understandings of yourself and your life situation, and so gain more options. I see the relationship between us, as a safe place for you to test out new thinking and ways of behaving and experiencing your emotions.

I am guided by the Ethical framework of both the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (BACP) and the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysts (UKATA) in all my work with clients. 

If you are thinking about therapy, give me a ring or drop me an email to arrange a free 20 min phone or Zoom consultation. 

I look forward to meeting you, honouring your story and supporting you to work out and move towards where or who you want to be. 


I have completed four years of training in TA Psychotherapy and hold a Post Graduate Diploma in TA Practice. I am a registered member of the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysts (UKATA) and the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.(BACP) I am continuing on to qualify as a Certified Transactional Analyst. 


I have extensive experience of working with adults and young people.  I have helped clients experiencing Anxiety, Depression, Early Life Relational Trauma, Life-limiting Illness, Loss including Bereavement, Stress, Crippling Self-doubt and Intrusive Thoughts, Relationship Breakdown and Conflict within the family group. 

I take my Continued Professional Development seriously, undertaking regular courses and training. I have regular individual and group clinical supervision to support my work.