Hannah Tait

Integrative Child Psychotherapist

Hannah is not currently taking on new clients.

I am a Child Psychotherapist. I trained within the ‘Integrative’ model of psychotherapy. This approach draws from a number of different theoretical models, including attachment theory and contemporary psychoanalysis; person-centered and creative therapies and developmental neuroscience. 


In Integrative therapy the psychotherapist integrates aspects of different theoretical traditions to create a care plan that will best support the individual client’s present difficulties and their hopes for the future.


I completed a four-year post-graduate clinical training in Integrative Child Psychotherapy at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, London, graduating in 2017. Since this time I have worked with schools, family support agencies and in private practice. I have supported children and families impacted by a wide range of experiences including disrupted attachment, trauma, displacement, grief and loss. I have worked with a breadth of presenting difficulties including anxiety, specific phobias, self-injury, aggressive behaviours, somatisation, overwhelming feelings, relationship difficulties, depression and loneliness.


I am passionate about linking up systems of care - nurturing relationships within families that support positive parent-child communication and connection. I also work consultatively with health, education and social care professionals to increase understanding and ameliorate the isolation that can trigger or perpetuate psychological distress.